The Fab Faux: Please Please Please Me


Please Please Please Me

An ersatz echo of the first Beatles album, Please Please Me (1963), recreated entirely with covers and the originals the Fab Four themselves covered.

  1. “I Saw Her Standing There” — Scary Pockets (feat. Casey Abrams)
  2. “Misery” — Kenny Lynch
  3. “Anna (Go To Him)” — Tyrants in Therapy
  4. “Chains” — The Cookies
  5. “Boys” — The Shirelles
  6. “Ask Me Why” — The Smithereens
  7. “Please Please Me” — Filippo Cuomo Ulloa & the Molto Bene Grazie Band
  8. “Love Me Do” — The Persuasions
  9. “P.S. I Love You” — Peter Lipa
  10. “Baby It’s You” — Smith
  11. “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” — Ray Charles Singers
  12. “A Taste Of Honey” — Lenny Welch
  13. “There’s A Place” — Flamin’ Grooves
  14. “Twist and Shout” — Salt-N-Pepa


This is one in a series of posts where I have reconstructed ersatz Beatles albums (complete with original album covers) from covers by other artists and (when applicable) the original records the Fab Four themselves covered. Apart from personal taste and a desire for variety, there is really no overriding rhyme or reason to my curation selections, though you can find an articulation of my rationality for the project here.

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