Let It Be, 1970 – ★★★★½ [Movie Log]

As tremendously sad as it is to watch these friendships and this band break up, to see Paul flail desperately as he tries to keep them together and going, his efforts in effect pushing them further away and apart, to feel George’s barely contained frustration and John’s obvious boredom along with them, to admire Ringo’s warmth and forbearance through it all, the little insights that the fly-on-the-wall documentary gives into their creative process, how it captures gods at their most vulnerable, and the undeniable joy of that final rooftop concert make for a bittersweet final bow.

Since I generally write up a few quick thoughts for each movie I watch, and in the interest of making public more of my thinking and writing processes, I figured that I might as well post the occasional review to this blog as well as to my Letterboxd/Rotten Tomatoes accounts.

Via Letterboxd – Jake Cowan

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